Nature’s Own Rhythm

I could sit on the shore and say that the tide’s all wrong, the wind is up, it’s about to pour with rain and...

Water, water everywhere…

How many times today have you turned on a tap? Flushed the toilet? Taken a shower? How many times have you used water without...



Reelers 2017

Reelers, the world's most prestigious surf film competition, is on again in 2017 and here's why you should vote. As with much of the surfing world,...

Summer Lullaby




Sidewalk surfer


Getting lost

That early morning, when you wake up and open your eyes slowly... you suddenly feel a rush of desire to explore overtake your body and...
mentawai escape

A Wild Mentawai Escape


Wish you were here…

beyond the watervideo

Beyond the Water


Panama calling


steamer reviews

2016 Wetsuit Reviews – Steamers

As the the weather and the water begin to cool down, we've again put our bodies on the line to bring you the low...

Hotline Amalfi

Full custom fit Front zip Flexible armpit rubber and stitching Flexible stitching through the groin Water drain holes on the shoulder blades Narrow...

Zee Hot Candy Steamer

Rip Curl Flash Bomb

Environment/Social Good

grass skirt

The Grass Skirt Project – Helping the Women of PNG

Papua New Guinea, Australia's closest neighbour, seems like a tropical oasis with its warm waters and swaying palm trees. For many women though, living...

Challenge yourself, challenge society and Rise Above Plastic

Do you love to lurk around 2nd Hand stores? Do you recycle and lean toward old school? Are you an ocean lover? If you've...

Plastic free July


Proyecto Sofia

Editor's Picks

beach body

The perfect beach body

As the days start to get longer and warm up a bit, it's a time when many of us start think about summer and how to get...

Who run the world? Girls! Yes, that's right. Women are taking over the waves. While young men are turning their backs on the beach in growing numbers, a recent...

Challenges In Paradise

How far would you go to ride the wave of your dreams? This is a question I asked myself while on a 14 hour...